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Special Vehicle Transportation Tips | Hyperion Auto Logistics

How to Transport Special Vehicles: From RVs to Vintage Cars

When it comes to transporting special vehicles, many questions arise. Whether you've just purchased a vintage car or need to move your RV across the country, Hyperion Auto Logistics is here to guide you through the process. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we can ensure your vehicle arrives safely and efficiently. For immediate assistance, call us at (833) 905-0707 or email us at

The Importance of Special Vehicle Transportation

Special vehicles, whether they're RVs, vintage cars, or luxury automobiles, often require a higher level of care during transportation. These are not just vehicles, but investments and treasures that hold significant value. Therefore, it's crucial to entrust their transportation to a reliable service provider like Hyperion Auto Logistics.

Understanding the Unique Challenges

Transporting special vehicles presents unique challenges. From ensuring the vehicle's safety during transit to navigating the legalities of interstate transportation, there's a lot to consider. But don't worry, we're here to help you navigate these complexities.

Safe and Secure Transport

At Hyperion Auto Logistics, we prioritize the safety and security of your vehicle. Our team is trained to handle special vehicles with the utmost care, ensuring they reach their destination in the same condition they were picked up.

Choosing the Right Transport Method

Depending on your vehicle and its specific needs, different transport methods may be more suitable. Let's delve into the two primary methods: open transport and enclosed transport.

Open Transport

Open transport is the most common method of vehicle transportation. However, it may not be the best choice for special vehicles due to the exposure to outdoor elements.

Enclosed Transport

For special vehicles, we typically recommend enclosed transport. This method provides additional protection against weather and road debris, ensuring your vehicle arrives in pristine condition.

Transporting RVs

Recreational vehicles (RVs) require specialized handling due to their size and complexity. Here's what you need to know about RV transportation.

Preparing Your RV for Transport

Proper preparation is key to a successful RV transport. This includes securing all loose items, disconnecting utilities, and ensuring the vehicle is in good mechanical condition.

Choosing the Right RV Transport Service

When choosing an RV transport service, consider factors like experience, customer reviews, and pricing. At Hyperion Auto Logistics, we offer competitive rates and unparalleled service.

Transporting Vintage Cars

Vintage cars are more than just vehicles; they're pieces of history. As such, they require extra care during transportation. Here's what you need to know about vintage car transport.

Preparing Your Vintage Car for Transport

Before transporting a vintage car, it's crucial to prepare it properly. This includes cleaning the vehicle, checking for existing damage, and removing any loose items.

Choosing the Right Vintage Car Transport Service

The right vintage car transport service understands the value of your vehicle and treats it with the care it deserves. That's why so many vintage car owners trust Hyperion Auto Logistics with their prized possessions.


Transporting special vehicles doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and a trustworthy transport service like Hyperion Auto Logistics, you can ensure your vehicle arrives safely and efficiently. Get a free quote today!


1. How much does it cost to transport a special vehicle?

The cost of transporting a special vehicle depends on various factors, including the type of vehicle, distance, and transport method. Contact us for a personalized quote.

2. How long does it take to transport a vehicle?

The duration of vehicle transportation depends on the distance and route. We strive to provide the most efficient service possible.

3. Can I track my vehicle during transport?

Yes, we provide tracking services to keep you updated on your vehicle's location during transport.

4. What if my vehicle is damaged during transport?

While we take every precaution to prevent damage, we are fully insured in the rare event of an incident.

5. Can you transport vehicles internationally?

Yes, we provide international vehicle transport services. Contact us for more details.

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